Re: [Evolution] strange changes

Thank you so much,
I understand much better now, and I do think I may try a snapshot...I
sort of enjoy watching the lil changes,
I have plenty of backup email programs if evo gets broken LOL...

Like I have said, I am NOT a developer LOL, just a neophyte end user
trying to learn linux and having afantastic time at it.

On Tue, 2003-09-16 at 09:24, Anna Marie Dirks wrote:
Hi Kathy, 

"CVS" refers to the repository (which is on a computer somewhere in
North Carolina, I believe) where the code which makes up Evolution is
kept. The people who develop Evolution make changes to its code, and
then use the CVS repository to store these changes until it is time to
make a release of Evolution. 

When Jeff told you that the fix for the problem you reported was in CVS,
he meant that someone has already fixed the broken code so that all of
the menu items appear again-- but that as far as he knows, we have not
made a new, publicly available version of Evolution which includes that

So, he was suggesting that if you were a developer (or if you have a lot
of time on your hands to devote to this sort of thing), then you could
just access all of the code in the CVS repository and create yourself a
brand new, working --or at least differently broken-- version of

If you don't want to try to build yourself a new version of Evolution,
then the easiest thing for you to do is probably to wait until Evolution
1.4.5 is released sometime this week. Or, if you are feeling brave, you
can check Red Carpet -- there might be a "snapshot" of Evolution that
you could try using in the meantime. A snapshot isn't necessarily
guaranteed to be safe and functional, though -- it just reflects the
code that was in the CVS repository at a certain time of day. We don't
test snapshots very much before we make them available to the rest of
the world. :)

Anyway, I hope that this explains to you what Jeff was talking about,
and gives you a better idea of the process by which you can get a fixed
version of Evolution.

best wishes,

Il mar, 2003-09-16 alle 11:24, Kathy ODriscoll ha scritto:
But as I said this is all VERY new to me,
could you explain this a little more clearly?
What is CVS and afaik
and how do I fix it on my machine.
Thank you so much for responding
On Tue, 2003-09-16 at 08:11, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
this is fixed in CVS already afaik


On Tue, 2003-09-16 at 09:59, Kathy ODriscoll wrote:
Good morning everyone,
I have a question here...
Yesterday I ran Red Carpet to do an update of my system, I run
Evolution 1.4.4, I believe this was the same before the
update...however I did find a strange change in evo after updating....

I occasionally enjoy sending html mail *sinful I know* including
embedded images to friends and family....when I first put RH on my
system I couldnt embed images no matter what I did, found a work
around yada yada....then after an update I was able to embed no

Since yesterdays update, evo has lost some menu items it seems,
including everything in the 'insert' except 'attachment' 

My question is, when I updated yesterday could I have screwed up evo
somehow, I use RedCarpet...And what info do you all need here to
answer my questions better about how do I get back all my menu items
including embedding images and that?...

Keep in mind I am NOT  a programmer, I am a neophyte to Linux, just
took the leap from windows a few weeks ago.

So have patience with me and be gentle :)

Thanks in advance
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