Re: [Evolution] 8-bit characters truncate lines

Den 13 Feb 2001 23:36:30 +0100 skrev Janne:
I have the same problem: swedish chars (å, ä and ö) work fine in the
message view, but mail addresses with these caharecters get mangled: Eva

I think part of the problem is fixed. New messages look correct in the
list view, old ones are still strange.
I'm not sure but I think it may have been fixed in the 02/13 snapshot.
I'm using 02/14 now.

However,  the text describing wether an encrypted message has been
validated or not (red text) is still faulty.

I'm using Locale sv_SE. I'm not sure about this, but Rh6.2 sets this to
sv_SV, a bug?


    Bo Rosén


Bo Rosén
gpg-fingerprint = 30F6 351D BF1B EE83 C847  7ED5 F6A9 2BC1 8912 8BED

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