Re: [Evolution] More problems, now with 2/14

On 14 Feb 2001 14:59:49 -0500, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:
  I think there is some libdb breakage going on (maybe your Evolution is
now using a different version of libdb, and it doesn't recognize the db
file created by the older version).

  BTW, I have lost my contacts too (and I am on Debian Woody), which is
good, since then I have a reproducible test case on my own system.  :-)
I am going to investigate this later today (hopefully).

  What version of libdb do you have?  Did you upgrade it recently?

I'm having the same problem. 

  OK, on my system, what happens is that Evolution used to create and
read db1.85 files only, while now it creates and reads db2 files only
(and that's why the contact list appears as empty).  I have not yet
figured out why, but I am going to do this next.

  In the meantime, can you guys please verify that the same thing
happens on the system?  In order to check this, you should do the

    $ file ~/evolution/local/Contacts/addressbook.db

$ file ~/evolution/local/Contacts/addressbook.db
/home/reilly/evolution/local/Contacts/addressbook.db: Berkeley DB 1.85
Hash/Little Endian (Version 2, Bucket Size 4096, Bucket Shift 12,
Directory Size 256, Segment Size 256, Segment Shift 8, Overflow Point 1,
Last Freed 2, Max Bucket 1, High Mask 0x3, Low Mask 0x1, Fill Factor
65536, Number of Keys 15)

    $ mv ~/evolution/local/Contacts/addressbook.db
    $ evolution

    (Click on the Contacts folder, then exit Evolution normally.  This
    should create a new `addressbook.db' file)

    $ file ~/evolution/local/Contacts/addressbook.db

$ file ~/evolution/local/Contacts/addressbook.db
/home/reilly/evolution/local/Contacts/addressbook.db: Berkeley DB 2.X
Hash/Little Endian (Version 5, Logical sequence number: file - 0, offset
- 0, Bucket Size 4096, Overflow Point 2, Last Freed 0, Max Bucket 3,
High Mask 0x3, Low Mask 0x1, Fill Factor 0, Number of Keys 0)

There ya go. :)



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