Re: [Evolution] 8-bit characters truncate lines

Evolution 0.8 had several bugs related to the display of 8-bit
characters in mail that have already been fixed,  It is very difficult
to tell if the problems you are seeing are fixed or not.  If you could
either try the snapshots or wait for the 0.9 release then tell us if you
are still having trouble it would be very helpful. 

On 12 Feb 2001 21:42:38 +0000, Gustavo João Alves Marques Carneiro wrote:
    Mail view doesn't display 8-bit (in my case, latin-1) characters.
    Even worse, lines are displayed truncated from the position of the
    first accented (non-ascii) character. I think the characters are
    still there, but are not displayed. The same happens in the
    composer, and in some all text entries (To, CC, Bcc, Subject) except
    the From field. 

These should be fixed unless something especially broken is happening on
your machine.  Try making sure your locale setting are correct.  

    The From field, which is a GtkComboBox (or looks like it), also has
    some glitches. The text there normally appears correctly, but when
    bring down the list of strings, accented characters are altered.

This is definitely fixed in CVS.

    In order to properly view email with 8-bit characters I have to do
    Print Preview the message, because there all latin-1 characters are
    shown correctly.

    This is a bit too obvious, so probably has been noticed, but I'm new
    to this list.

    BTW, I'm using evolution 0.8.

Thanks for the report.


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