Re: [Evolution] 8-bit characters truncate lines

I have the same problem: swedish chars (å, ä and ö) work fine in the
message view, but mail addresses with these caharecters get mangled: Eva
B=?ISO-8859-1?B?9g==?=rjesson     instead of Eva Börjesson     . Even
stranger, the actual _title_ of the mail is not magled, but is fine.
Another variant is 'Ir  St_nfors    ' instead of 'Iréne Stenfors    '.
My 'locale' setting is 'en_US' for all settings (too many programs
exhibit very weird behaviour if I change to anything but en_US or C;
also, the characters work everywhere anyway).

A clue about the problem is visible in this mail (for me at least): the
'underline a link' effect at the '@' sign above stops after the ö --
i.e. 'rjesson    ' is underlined, but nothing before.  It seems as if
the editor accepts it as a printable character, but does not seem to
regard it as an actual letter.

If evolution is so locale dependent, there might be an idea to create a
simple howto on how to deal with locales; any effort I've made doing any
changes has only made things worse everywhere.

On 13 Feb 2001 15:15:18 -0600, Larry Ewing wrote:
Okay, then my next question is what is the output of locale for both of
you?  My guess right now is that your locale does not support those
characters (probably "C") and there is no iso10646 encoded font on your
system that matches the font you have chosen for gtk+.  It works in in
the message view because that is matching a different font.

but it is just a guess until I see the actual settings.


On 13 Feb 2001 08:44:26 +0100, Bo Rosen wrote:
Den 13 Feb 2001 07:20:33 +0100 skrev Mitch Pirtle:

I'll just chime in here with a "me to".  Same problem as Mitch, with
latest snapshot on RH 6.2



I am, but only in the message list window (the sender or subject). When
I view the message everything is fine, tho. Could the list still be
referencing some old snippets?

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