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Robert Staudinger wrote:
On 8/24/06, Mike Dewhirst <miked dewhirst com au> wrote:
Hans Breuer wrote:
Am 23.08.2006 15:48, Mike Dewhirst schrieb:
Lars Clausen wrote:
Mike Dewhirst sagde:

As an alternative, I am looking at but it fails to import Google reveals a few results but none are apparently Dia
That is Hans' area, I don't claim to understand the Python parts.  Hans?
It appears from the all python scripts shown on the website, that there
must be a module called
There needs to be a module called 'dia' to somehow make dia functionality
accessible to Python. It has always been this way, but it is not ''.
The Dia's Python bindings are written in C, the source code is in
plug-ins/python. Under windows it is compiled to dia.pyd; under *NIX it
is build if: ./configure --with-python; make; make install

Thank you - I found all that in the sources. I was looking for
and missed it.

Does anybody build Dia python bindings for Windows?

Unfortunately I have no experience compiling C in Windows. Maybe it is
time I learned. Could you point me at a how-to suitable for the tools
you require?

AFAIK the official dia win32 build is created using msvc.

I don't possess msvc or any ms dev tools other than notepad.exe. I'm getting a feeling of déja vu. Yes - I think I've been here before. On that earlier occasion (forgotten what the app was) I elected to use Borland's C++ compiler rather than swallow the MS pill. It all failed dismally at some penultimate step just before I reached for the rusty razor blade.

Another option is to use mingw/msys, which lets you reuse the *nix
build infrastructure.

Googling as we speak.

Meanwhile, some questions for the community ...

1. Does anyone already build win32 Dia with python support AND who is prepared to post the binaries?

2. Is python support in Dia likely to be maintained in future?

3. Is Dia going to stay in CVS (vis-á-vis Subversion)?

Warning: dealing with the latter can cause questionable mental
conditions and should not be attempted by people not savy in using the
auto-tools. (Frankly: it's a pain)

That said i have built dia on win32 with msys/mingw some time ago, a
patch is available from . If you manage
getting to the point where dia builds with said patch enabling python
support should be pretty easy.

I see what you mean re Warning: above.

Maybe trying to adapt the win32/msvc build system would be easier
though, no idea really.

Out of the question.

Thanks Rob


Would I need to compile the entire suite at the same time?


If so, and if I decided to stick with Dia would I need to keep in touch
with CVS so I could repeat the process in future?


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