Re: import dia [was: stroke-width]

Am 23.08.2006 15:48, Mike Dewhirst schrieb:
Lars Clausen wrote:
Mike Dewhirst sagde:


As an alternative, I am looking at but it fails to import Google reveals a few results but none are apparently Dia
That is Hans' area, I don't claim to understand the Python parts.  Hans?

It appears from the all python scripts shown on the website, that there must be a module called
There needs to be a module called 'dia' to somehow make dia functionality
accessible to Python. It has always been this way, but it is not ''.
The Dia's Python bindings are written in C, the source code is in plug-ins/python. Under windows it is compiled to dia.pyd; under *NIX it
is build if: ./configure --with-python; make; make install

Maybe Hans can indicate where it can be found? I have downloaded the latest snapshot (21 Aug) and cannot find any trace of it. Perhaps it has been renamed?

Nope. See above.


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