Re: stroke-width

Mike Dewhirst sagde:
I'm a Dia newbie using Windows. AIA.

Is there a mechanism for shapes to inherit an adjusted stroke-width?

At this point I'd just like the drawings to print with finer lines. I
have tried a few things without seeming to change anything. I was hoping
there might be some preferences or similar I could adjust.

No, shapes are basically little drawings with particular stroke widths. 
Since nobody's had the time to implement generic scaling in Dia, there's
no way to really change the widths from inside Dia.  We could conceivably
add something similar to what we can do for colors which have "foreground"
and "background" colors defined as taken from the toolbox, but my time
right now is strictly limited to the new group system and (another attempt
at) better font scaling.

As an alternative, I am looking at but it fails to imort Google reveals a few results but none are apparently Dia

That is Hans' area, I don't claim to understand the Python parts.  Hans?


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