Re: import dia [was: stroke-width]

On 8/24/06, Mike Dewhirst <miked dewhirst com au> wrote:
Hans Breuer wrote:
> Am 23.08.2006 15:48, Mike Dewhirst schrieb:
>> Lars Clausen wrote:
>>> Mike Dewhirst sagde:
>> <snip>
>>>> As an alternative, I am looking at but it fails to import
>>>> Google reveals a few results but none are apparently Dia
>>>> related.
>>> That is Hans' area, I don't claim to understand the Python parts.  Hans?
>> It appears from the all python scripts shown on the website, that there
>> must be a module called
> There needs to be a module called 'dia' to somehow make dia functionality
> accessible to Python. It has always been this way, but it is not ''.
> The Dia's Python bindings are written in C, the source code is in
> plug-ins/python. Under windows it is compiled to dia.pyd; under *NIX it
> is build if: ./configure --with-python; make; make install


Thank you - I found all that in the sources. I was looking for
and missed it.

Does anybody build Dia python bindings for Windows?

Unfortunately I have no experience compiling C in Windows. Maybe it is
time I learned. Could you point me at a how-to suitable for the tools
you require?

AFAIK the official dia win32 build is created using msvc.
Another option is to use mingw/msys, which lets you reuse the *nix
build infrastructure.
Warning: dealing with the latter can cause questionable mental
conditions and should not be attempted by people not savy in using the
auto-tools. (Frankly: it's a pain)

That said i have built dia on win32 with msys/mingw some time ago, a
patch is available from . If you manage
getting to the point where dia builds with said patch enabling python
support should be pretty easy.

Maybe trying to adapt the win32/msvc build system would be easier
though, no idea really.

Would I need to compile the entire suite at the same time?


If so, and if I decided to stick with Dia would I need to keep in touch
with CVS so I could repeat the process in future?



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