Re: Creating Dia Stencils

Hi All

There is a supposed method of generating stencil in Dia. I say supposed 
because in the version in my version of Dia .94 SuSE 19,1 it does not work. A 
bug report (actually 2 as I screwed up) was sent to Bugzilla following Gia's 
crash when the stencil was being imported.



On Thursday 24 August 2006 15:13, SOTL wrote:
Hi All

I know this is very simple but I have not found a tutorial of explanation
of How-To do what I need.

I have spent the better part of 4 hours goggling for procedures to create
stencils and looked at the on line tutorials and procedures I could find
with no results.

Lets assume I make a drawing say a giant "X" with a line through it. A very
simple drawing. Now I would like to place this in a new Stencil file called
"Stars" which is similar to the "Electrical" stencil file.

Would some kind person either explain how this is done or point me to a
How-To that contains such an explanation.


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