Re: GNOME Feature Proposal: Backup


> If they were fully integrated into bugzilla well enough that
> the project was a first-class citizen, and integrated into
> git well enough that translators could work in their usual way ...
> would there be any fragmentation problems?

The question is highly hypothetical as both don't have the same features
and will never be fully integrated. And if they would really use the
same data - why bother using both?

> I realise that the integration doesn't yet exist, but bzr <> git
> mirroring is perfectly possible (Launchpad has done it in the other
> direction for years) and synchronising two sets of bug data is hardly
> advanced stuff. All we lack is someone with time on their hands :)

You will never be able to have automatic two way synchronisation so that
people can both commit and launchpad and gnome-git because then you
would need to solve conflicts automatically, which doesn't work.


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