GNOME Feature Proposal: Backup

Hello!  You may remember me as the bloke that proposed the Déjà Dup
backup tool as a GNOME module a little back, right as modules were
being reorganized.

I've been encouraged to try again as a Feature.  I don't fully
understand the process, but I gather an email to this list starts it

Here's a quick thousand foot view:
 * Homepage here:
 * It's a backup program aimed at non-technical users.
 * It's a graphical wrapper and policy manager for the backup program duplicity.
 * It's included by default in Fedora 13 on and will be default in Ubuntu 11.10.
 * It follows the GNOME schedule and best practices already.

For the next major version (20.0), I've done a redesign aimed at
making it more "invisible" and appear as part of the OS.  I've made it
live just as a control center panel and removed some branding to look
a bit less like a separate app.  See for screenshots.
Déjà Dup 19.1, which includes those changes, is already in Fedora
Rawhide and will be in Ubuntu Oneiric once we land the GNOME 3 control

I suspect GNOME might be interested in having a "backup story" so I'm
offering this one.  And I'd be happy to have increased design advice
and developer eyeballs.

I have a few related questions:
 * What does being a GNOME Feature obligate me to?  Basically the
normal module stuff?
 * Déjà Dup lives in Launchpad.  I'd love to explore ways of
integrating the GNOME workflow and LP, but I would prefer that it
remain in LP.

I'm also happy to answer any questions about Déjà Dup, obviously.


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