Re: GNOME Feature Proposal: Backup

Dave Neary wrote:
> Leaving aside "because that's the way it is" as a reason for a second,
> what are the potential issues we'd have using Launchpad?
> * Bug reporters would have to have an easy way to report bugs against
> Deja Dup through
> * GNOME developers would need to reassign bugs to deja dup which were
> incorrectly assigned to another GNOME module
> * Deja Dup developers would presumably want to do the same thing in the
> other direction
> Are there others I'm missing?

* A way to subscribe/CC GNOME contributors to Deja Dup bugs
* Need to be able to target bugs at specific GNOME releases
* The release team needs to be able to mark and track release critical
bugs (important ones, blockers, etc). I gather that this is currently
done by querying Bugzilla.

The latter two are essential, I guess.

We also have the fragmentation issue to think about: if Deja Dup uses
LP, what's to say other modules can't use it too? Or Source Forge? Or
Google Code? Or Trac installations...

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