Re: GNOME Feature Proposal: Backup

On 19 May 2011 04:45, Allan Day <allanpday gmail com> wrote:
> These changes seem like good ones.

Heh, well of course you think so.  :)

Though, I've gotten bad feedback about the feasibility of a round-trip
bzr->git->bzr conversion.  I may start small with just a git mirror.

>> But moving bugs out of LP is a step too far for me.  As would be
>> carving up pieces of Deja Dup into other modules (like
>> gnome-control-center).  So I'll just keep chugging along as a separate
>> app for now.  But hopefully these changes will let the GNOME community
>> become more involved if ya'll desire.
> As I've said previously, it would be great to have an integrated GNOME
> backup feature, and it would be cool to work together on this. The two
> issues you mention above seem to be blocking us though.
> Regarding bug tracking: I was waiting to hear some arguments about how
> Deja Dup could continue to use LP bug tracking and be a core GNOME
> module... if you do think that is possible, do make the case!

Of course I think it's possible, but Olav made it clear that the issue
was settled law.  Assuming it's not, I see at least a couple options:

A) GNOME devs could deal with it and realize that one more web account
won't kill them.  The ability to search and reassign bugs to deja-dup
from within b.g.o don't seem like killer features to me.  It must be
an issue now with external dependencies and you live with it.

B) We could have a deja-dup module in b.g.o as well as the canonical
one in LP.  LP has this cool feature to synchronize comments and such
between a bug in LP and a bug elsewhere.  It's turned off for b.g.o,
but it may be possible that it could be turned on per-module.  I'd
have to look into it.

> Likewise, let's be clear about what's in the way of keeping Deja Dup as
> a single module: would whitelisting gcc panels solve that issue?

Yes, as I've said in the g-c-c thread.  Though the idea didn't get any traction.

But again, not being Core isn't the end of the world.  I'm content to
remain a well-integrated (potentially-Featured) external app while
doing what I can to reduce the barriers to collaboration with GNOME
developers, designers, etc.


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