Re: GNOME Feature Proposal: Backup

It seems discussion died down around this, which means the status quo
of "just" a GNOME external app will prevail.

But I'm going to go ahead and take some steps to increase potential
cooperation between Deja Dup and GNOME, for those that are interested:

1) I'll try to stay more on top of the jhbuild moduleset.  It got
bit-rotten as Colin pointed out, but now it's up to date.

2) I'll move my mailing list to GNOME.  That seems rather painless and
seems to make it easier for GNOME people.  It's super low traffic, so
doesn't really matter.  But I encourage people to make it high

3) I'll experiment with moving my trunk to GNOME git.  This will let
GNOME people more easily dip their toes in the Deja Dup waters.

Ideally this will be as low-cost an experiment for me as possible, so
I'm curious about other people having done similar conversions.  I'll
keep a bzr mirror in LP for existing developers.  But could I move
back to bzr and not lose anything?  i.e. would a round-trip
(bzr->git->bzr) imply some metadata loss?

And also, does being in git imply that the translation team would
automatically consider the module?

But moving bugs out of LP is a step too far for me.  As would be
carving up pieces of Deja Dup into other modules (like
gnome-control-center).  So I'll just keep chugging along as a separate
app for now.  But hopefully these changes will let the GNOME community
become more involved if ya'll desire.


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