Re: New module proposal: tracker

On Wed, 2009-08-19 at 00:35 +0300, Peteris Krisjanis wrote:
> > So user do not think "Wait, where I get the information when I meet
> > Joe's to drink a beer or two" but I search "message from Joe containing
> > meet" which gives back all messages from Joe containing meet.
> >
> > Or - I've seen a picture of myself and my schoolmate/workmate/soulmate
> > etc. in some situation (school trip, conference etc.) but where it was.
> > I enter "picture of (me and Alice) tagged London" - and here it is - it
> > was posted on Facebook/Flickr (is in epiphany cache?).
> >
> > Cool - for sure. Useful - I don't think so - however I may be wrong. I
> > guess that we should wait until 0.7 release and have it as optional
> > dependency or set of plugins. If it is good enough - we should include
> > it.
> >
> I don't quite get this "Tracker is useless because OMG it let's people
> find things". Guess what - when Apple enabled instant search on OS X,
> yes, there were people who loated it.

Except that we already agreed that the indexer as implemented in Tracker
doesn't work well (or certainly as well as it could given work done in
the kernel). So we're back to square one.

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