Re: New module proposal: tracker

Am Dienstag, den 18.08.2009, 18:05 +0100 schrieb Martyn Russell:
> On 18/08/09 17:48, Dan Winship wrote:
> > The stigma associated with Tracker is because historically the tracker
> > hackers have been unable to describe what the non-filesystem-indexing
> > part of Tracker does without 
> > claiming it solves all possible problems involving "data".
> I don't think I have heard any Tracker developers state it solves all 
> problems involving data. Who, when, where was this?

When applying for inclusion for GNOME 2.18 lots of followup mail was
just about requesting an exact & understandable explanation on what
tracker does, and what not.
The answers were partially confusing and sometimes considered vague
and/or inconsistent. To quote jdub from that thread: "Great technology
loses out to poor communication."

Hoping that communication works out better this time...

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