Re: New module proposal: tracker

> Except that we already agreed that the indexer as implemented in Tracker
> doesn't work well (or certainly as well as it could given work done in
> the kernel). So we're back to square one.

But it is all we got at the moment. I think just claim 'doesn't work
well as it could' doesn't justify exclusion of Tracker comparing to a
lot of code and applications included in GNOME with lot of regressions
every release.

So far I have seen such 'technical discussions' only when someone have
subjective feelings on subject - aka 'it didn't work on my system'.

It does work for me and lot of users.

We need some real objective here, otherwise such discussions never
ends when difficult technical decisions should be made.

What we need is some marketing people here in such discussion.

Just my thoughts (and thanks for everyone to keep GNOME rockin for so
many years),

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