Re: Translations of folder names - re-hiding special directories

Hi Gábor,

Today at 15:05, Gábor Farkas wrote:

> for example, i still challange ANYONE to prove to me, that when
> thumbnails are not important (for example, lots of java source code
> files), someone is able to (re)organize directories with those files
> faster in nautilus than in midnight commander. (i realize that
> midnight commander is not really the shell, but still..).

Each of the approaches has its advantages and disadvantages.  Bash has
the excellent tab-completion feature which you can't use while in
mc.  For some purposes, Bash would be faster than either of Nautilus
or Midnight Commander, if you know your stuff, and know how to use it
(when I switched from DOS where I used Norton Commander, Midnight
Commander was the first thing I used; I don't use it at all anymore,
even though I heavily use shell; "gnome-open ." is what I use to
manage files if tab-completion doesn't do it).

But, this doesn't prove anything:

> many, many, many, many tasks are much easier to do on the command line
> than in the gui.

And many, many, many, many tasks are much easier to do in the gui
than on the command line.

> why are we trying to make the filesystem into something that he is not?

Because we need something that it is not?


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