Re: Font Preferences Dialog Proposal Re: Font Configuration Applet

On Sun, 2004-12-05 at 21:24 +0100, Samuel Abels wrote:

> > > Thinking more about that dialog - has anyone ever needed this at all?
> > > Maybe changing the subpixel order is required on some LCDs, but then I
> > > would propose to merge the rendering options with these settings into a
> > > new dialog.
> > 
> > It makes sense, though I *always* make use of "detailed" options on my
> > first-login to configure FreeType2 auto-hinter.  I'm not sure I'm
> > appropriate test-case, though.
> > 
> > If we're to get rid of these purely technical selections, we'd need
> > to select one to rule them all.  I prefer "light" (or whatever it is
> > in English, second option) forms on my LCD with sub-pixel rendering
> > on.  What about others, what selections did you make?
> I have been staring at my freshly calibrated monitor for some minutes
> now, but even between "Slight" and "Full" I can not make out any
> difference whatsoever. That may, of course, still depend on my monitor.

If you have the TrueType interpreter enabled in your FreeType and are
using fonts with TrueType hints, there will be no difference between
the two. The control of amount of hinting only applies to the FreeType
autohinter and to the Postscript hinter.


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