Re: vcard-integration for gnome

Am 22.11.2003 23:44 schrieb(en) Rob Adams:
I'm not clear on exactly what in my email caused you to think that I was being hostile to anything. I was merely putting forth that having a generic framework in place would enable improved desktop integration for any contacts manager or addressbook, be it evolution or another program. I then made a joke about outlook. I never even said anything that disagreed with anything you said, much less was hostile to it. I can only suggest that you stop trying to find hostility when none exists. My only theory is that perhaps English isn't your first language and so there is some sort of translation issue going on here.

Sorry, so I misunderstood you completely. I've seen all the message being a security-joke with outlook-like-executables as the climax in the end. Especially the part with installing handlers is still obscure to me and doesn't sound like a serious idea, but then again, I honestly don't know what you were talking about there. ;)

sorry again,

Darko Obradovic

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