Re: vcard-integration for gnome

Hi Rob,

Am 22.11.2003 04:06 schrieb(en) Rob Adams:
Stop reinventing the wheel.  The contacts management infrastructure
already exists in evolution.  Just refactor it into a common API that
evolution itself could use to do its contacts.

well, that's the problem I have with the whole thing: evolution is certainly a great application and very useful for many people, but it certainly is not for me. And then evolution has the (imho) bad habit to have lots of cool features, but they are all kept inside.

I'm going slightly off-topic I'm afraid: searching for some libraries fpr mailing, the best I found was "camel" inside evo. kept "proprietary" in a certain way. I somewhat believe into the UNIX-idea of many small tools and libs doing their job right and interacting. I don't use evo, as all I need is just a mail-client.

So now you suggest we should extract evolution's contact-handling instead of "reinventing the wheel", whereas I absolutely don't know how evo handles contacts, and if there is any other documentation except the sourcecode. That would be hard for me, you'll understand. :( And obviously the developers never planned to share that stuff, which isn't very motivating either. To me personally, it looks like they are trying to establish kind of a monopole. That sounds harder than I'd like it to, but that's basicly what made me think about starting something new, which offers interoperability from scratch.

Thanks for your answer, it was indeed helpful to me!

Darko Obradovic

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