Re: vcard-integration for gnome

Am 20.11.2003 18:54:11 schrieb(en) Darko Obradovic:
Hi all,

First: I'm not sure if I'm addressing the correct list, but this message certainly aims towards desktop development and I found no better alternative.

Using gnome2 since its beginning, I very much like the direction it's heading towards, and noticed one bigger issue: PIM. gnome-pim obviously didn't get the port to gnome2, and by now evolution took that over in a way, but mostly for calendar-stuff only imho.

I've been missing a stand-alone contact manager too, so I started to work on one last month. But it is written for the ROX-Desktop, which is based on Gnome technology, but it's a desktop shell of its own. I would however be willing to maintain a Gnome-HIG compliant version in parallel, if there was enough interest. It's a small app and will stay that way, so that wouldn't be a big deal.

As for "architecture". Heaven, you people always think way too complicated. Currently my application stores all contacts as seperate vcards into ~/Contacts. Create a ContactsPath gconf-key, so you can include different sources, and you have your "architecture".

I plan to submit a patch for Balsa. Currently Balsa expects vcards as one big chunk only. You can't import a whole folder. I don't know how evolution handles that. I guess it's the same problem there.

Here is my "Contacts" app:

(click on AppRun inside, to launch it, if you are not using ROX-Filer)

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