Re: vcard-integration for gnome

I'm not clear on exactly what in my email caused you to think that I was
being hostile to anything.  I was merely putting forth that having a
generic framework in place would enable improved desktop integration for
any contacts manager or addressbook, be it evolution or another
program.  I then made a joke about outlook.

I never even said anything that disagreed with anything you said, much
less was hostile to it.  I can only suggest that you stop trying to find
hostility when none exists.  My only theory is that perhaps English
isn't your first language and so there is some sort of translation issue
going on here.

On Sat, 2003-11-22 at 13:31, Darko Obradovic wrote:
> I was expecting something better from you, and I seriously don't  
> understand why you are so ridculously aggressive about this.
> If you seriously think that enclosing code and functionality into a  
> single app is good for security reasons, then you'd have to vote  
> against gnome-vfs in general, and so on and so on.
> I think that duplicating the same functionality in every app which  
> needs it leads to less security, as each of the implementations will be  
> of considerably less quality than one implementation devloped by all  
> these people in a combined effort.
> Pure curiosity: Are you related to evolution-development in any way, or  
> is this mostly trolling?
> Darko Obradovic
> Am 22.11.2003 21:16 schrieb(en) Rob Adams:
> > Clearly there are important technical challenges that need to be
> > addressed before this can be realized.  Ideally we'd have a generic
> > API
> > for contacts managements for which evolution or other applications
> > could
> > install providers, somewhat similar to URI handlers.  This would  
> > allow
> > us to achieve much tighter evolution desktop integration.
> > 
> > Of course, once we have that we need only make evolution execute code
> > in
> > emails by default like outlook does and then we can start writing
> > evolution worms.
> > 
> > -Rob

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