Re: No Flags "Policy"

On Sun, 2003-11-23 at 03:13, Sergey V. Oudaltsov wrote:

> > Why should "show flags" be a preference? It's not preferential at all; it
> Really? Why? What's bad about this choice? Some users (unhappy with
> flags, or having color blindness, or ... just having personal/political
> problems with their own government and their own state) - want to see
> just label there. And others (like me) want to see flags. The ratio can
> be 40/60 or 60/40 or 20/80 or ... depending on the country, layouts
> combination ... How would you resolve this situation? How would you
> provide users with the best of two world (labels and flags)?

I agree there should be a choice.

But it should be easy to detect if the flags are available and only show
the option if they are.


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