Re: Hard-coded colors

Am 07.03.04 16:14 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
> How about using font changes to emphasize the signature status instead?   
> In 2.1, new mail is indicated by bold (mailbox with new mail, unread  
> message) or slant (folder containing mailbox with new mail, message with  
> unread descendant) or both.

Took a little longer to write the trivial patch (against the 2-0 cvs)  
below, but I was packed with work from "real life" and with porting HEAD  
to gpgme 0.4 (making really good progress btw, but it's currently a little  
stalled due to a nasty gmime bug).

Anyway, the patch now uses italic for the pgp or s/mime status line (idea:  
indicate that this is not a real but a calculated value). If the signature  
is bad, I add bold style and use the "bad address" colour from the prefs.

Mi┼ču, does this improve the display with your dark theme, or should we  
also remove the colour (that's just removing the two lines


in the routine add_header_sigstate()). Opinions?

Cheers, Albrecht.

 Albrecht Dre├č  -  Johanna-Kirchner-Stra├če 13  -  D-53123 Bonn (Germany)
       Phone (+49) 228 6199571  -


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