Re: Hot links [was Re: Hard-coded colors]

În data de 13.03, ora 20:24, Peter Bloomfield a scris:
> A quick (unrepresentative!) survey showed that underlined blue is  
> the favorite rendering, with only the cursor change on mouse- 
> over.
> The trend seems to be toward less...perhaps Balsa should go stay  
> with plain blue, not underlined, and only the cursor change on  
> mouse-over?  Adapt the blue to inverse themes as Mişu suggests,  
> and make the whole thing non-configurable?
> Peter

That seems to the right thing to do. And there should be a way 
to get rid of the other color preferences as well (those regarding 
colored indented replies). 

Peter, I would very much like to test your patch, but I've lost 
it somehow, can you send it again?


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