Hard-coded colors

Hi everyone!

As I've just entered the wonderful world of PGP and I now have 
a signature and use it to sign messages with Balsa, I have noticed 
the hard-coded colors in the PGP-related messages of Balsa. As a 
user of a dark theme I would like to set up these colors in 
Balsa's preferences the same as with the colors for nested replies. 
But are these colors really needed? After all, the icons are colored 
already and are pretty self-explanatory.

Or even better, get rid of the extra line that informs you that 
the signature is valid/invalid and rely on the icon alone. Or at 
least give us back the full control over the displayed headers and 
make it possible to disable that line.

Many thanks to all the Balsa developers! I love you all...

I started with nothing and I still have most of it left.

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