Building balsa outside the sourte tree


I want to build balsa outside its source tree.
I use the 2-0 cvs and I would like to keep my cvs copy clean.
My copy of the cvs is in ~/cvs/balsa
I want to build it in ~/balsa-build

I tried the following:

mkdir balsa-build
cd balsa-build
../cvs/balsa/ --prefix=/opt/balsa --with-ldap --with-gpgme -- 
with-ssl --srcdir=../cvs/balsa

Everything went fine until processing libbalsa/libbalsa-marshal.list
The file is in ../cvs/balsa/libbalsa and make is looking for it in ./ 

So I copied the file from ../cvs/basa/libbalsa to ./libbalsa and I went  
a step further but then while compiling address-book.c, I got an error  
as libbalsa-marshal.h was built in ./libbalsa and that the path to  
libbalsa-marshal.h is hardcoded (#include "libbalsa-marshal.h") in  

What can I do now?

			- Jean-Luc

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