Re: Hard-coded colors

On 03/14/2004 12:22:01 PM, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
[ snip ]
> If the signature is bad, I add bold style and use the "bad  
> address" colour from the prefs.
> Mişu, does this improve the display with your dark theme, or  
> should we also remove the colour (that's just removing the two  
> lines
> "foreground-gdk",
> &balsa_app.bad_address_color,
> in the routine add_header_sigstate()). Opinions?

Hi Albrecht!

It looks great with BlueCurve!

Mişu has already raised the issue of the "bad address" color,  
which doesn't theme well.  I'd like to keep the concept--I  
believe it's useful to have a visual indication of what's wrong  
when the compose window's `Send this message' button is grayed  

Perhaps we need a general purpose `Attention' color, which could  
be pure red (or perhaps dark red) for normal themes, and some  
appropriate lighter color for dark themes.

What do you think?


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