3.0 please, we (Creative Commons :P) don't encourage people use old version when there's new :) 


Bob Chao (Chao Po-chiang)
Community Liaison
MozTW http://moztw.org

2010/7/13 李柏鋒 (Pofeng Lee) <pofeng gmail com>

2010/7/13 Brian Cameron <brian cameron oracle com>

Yes, that would be fine.  Or perhaps a checkbox on the form to indicate which license to use.

Great, so that we will provide 2 option:

Which version you would like to use ? 2.0 or 3.0 ?
Maybe 3.0 is better ?
And one minor issue, we use "v" to indicate "yes" in a check box. ( "x" means "no" in a check box ) And I know in most countries, people use "x" in the check box to indicate "yes".

So that I use a blank to let the speaker write down A or B license.

Please check the license agreement again.
Pofeng "informer" Lee, 李柏鋒, pofeng at gmail dot com

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