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  • [xml] Patch for xmlAddChild, Kris Breuker
  • [xml] libxml and oasis catalog, srikrishnan
  • [xml] How to stop parser by xmlSAXUserParseMemory(), =?KOI8-R?B?4c7E0sXKIPPBzdXTxc7Lzw==?=
  • [xml] pre 2.7 sax behavior, Rob Richards
  • Re: [xml] Redhat security update for libxml2, Graham Bennett
  • [xml] Possible to get XHTML output from HTMLparser?, R. Steven Rainwater
  • [xml] XML validation, Francesco Gennai
  • [xml] xmlMemUsed() always returns 0 even when mem debug is activated, apaxeros
  • [xml] libxml2 very slow on big data dump, Alexandre Macard
  • [xml] cloneNode and xml:id bug?, =?UTF-8?Q?Br=C3=A1ulio_Barros_de_Oliveira?=
  • [xml] =?utf-8?q?Building_libxml2_from_svn_-_undefined_macro=3A_?= =?utf-8?q?=5Fm4=5Fdivert=5Fdiversion?=, Johnb Brown
  • [xml] Sax Structured Error Handler Overriden, Charlie Savage
  • [xml] usage for xmlXPathNodeSetAddNs, Prashant R
  • [xml] heap neutrality while outputting c14n, Prashant R
  • Re: [xml] libxml2 win64, Vardhan
  • [xml] xmlParseSchema with multiple schemas, Martin Landl
  • [xml] FW: xml schema: particle restriction constraints, bharath
  • [xml] Closing end tags, Mary Albanese
  • [xml] xml Schema: Regular expression, bharath
  • [xml] Whiich versions of XSLT and Schematron does libxml2 support [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED], John.Hockaday

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