Re: [xml] heap neutrality while outputting c14n

On Wed, Dec 10, 2008 at 11:23:48PM -0800, Prashant R wrote:
Hello ,
I am trying to output c14n bytes of a specific node in my tree.
For this purpose I have written a general purpose function that will
generate C14n bytes by providing a xmlChar** ptr and the xmlNodePtr for
which I need the c14n outpput .

Issue : I would expect that after calling this function and after calling
xmlFree() , heap consumption should return to the same value .

I find that for a a node that contains  around 538 bytes I am losing around
2K bytes worth of heap memory

  No idea, make a standalone version and use valgrind for leak checking
or compile with memory debug and get a dump at the end if you want to be
even more sure about your code.


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