Re: [xml] Whiich versions of XSLT and Schematron does libxml2 support [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Hi John.

2008/12/4  <John Hockaday ga gov au>:
Hi All,

I have a need to validate XML documents against RELAXNG, ISO Schematron XSLT 2.0, XPATH 2.0 and full W3C 
XML Schemas using OASIS XML Catalogs.  I have libxml2 version 20626
  compiled with: Threads Tree Output Push Reader Patterns Writer SAXv1 FTP HTTP
 DTDValid HTML Legacy C14N Catalog XPath XPointer XInclude Iconv ISO8859X Unicod
e Regexps Automata Expr Schemas Schematron Modules Debug

In general, always use the latest released version of libxml2, as it
might contain important bug and security fixes. As to your question,
libxml2 does not support the 2.0 versions of XPath and XSLT, only the
1.0 versions, and the XML Schemas support is not complete AFAIK. I
don't know about Schematron.


I am reluctant to download and compile a more recent version of libxml2 unless it supports RELAXNG, ISO 
Schematron, XSLT 2.0, XPATH 2.0) and full W3C XML Schemas with OASIS XML Catalogs.  I have looked through 
the changes for libxml2 but I can't see if there is support for specific versions of these XML 

Testing with xmllint version 20626 indicates to me that it does *not* support full W3C XML Schema and ISO 
Schematron.  Is there a later version of libxml2 that does support the version of XML that I have mentioned?


 John Hockaday
 Geoscience Australia
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 john hockaday\ ga gov au
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