Re: [xml] xmlMemUsed() always returns 0 even when mem debug is activated

On 18/12/2008, apaxeros gmail com <apaxeros gmail com> wrote:

I've been trying to evaluate the amount of memory allocated using
xmlMemUsed. A similar question was asked in 2004:,
and Daniel replied that mem debug had to be activated. That's why I
recompiled libxml2 (version 2.6.30, on Ubuntu 8.04) with the option

On my Debian box at least, the system libxml2 is already compiled with
that option, you just need to activate the debug malloc stuff by

    xmlMemSetup(xmlMemFree, xmlMemMalloc, xmlMemRealloc, xmlMemoryStrdup);

prior to doing any of this:

 doc = xmlParseFile(argv[2]);
  if (doc == NULL)
      printf ("%s could not be parsed\n", argv[2]);
      exit (1);
  printf("Used memory: %d\n", xmlMemUsed());
  xmlDocDump(stdout, doc);

Perhaps I misunderstand, or Ubuntu fiddled with the package.


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