Re: [xml] libxml2 win64

Vardhan wrote:
Can any one please send me a 64-bit (AMD64) libxml2_a.lib file. I am in a great need of that... Will be very thankful if any one can send me
this ASAP.


Robertis wrote:
I have compiled on AMD64 without iconv and zlib.
It works pretty good .
I'll try to submit a patch and upload the binaries somewhere.


David Wimsey wrote:
Cory Nelson wrote:
I've been using a 64-bit libxml2 on windows for a while now, with no
issues other than a frustrating use of int where size_t should be used
for function args.  I have not used it with iconv and zlib, though I
have used both of those independantly as 64-bit.

We have them available via the PHP project:

Just select which version of Visual Studio you are looking to have them built against - this determines which version of the runtime was used during linking.


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