Re: ** OFFLIST ** Re: [xml] built libxml and libxslt, possible bugs

Tobias Reif wrote:

[...] Now you want a pleasant expirience? This is a wrong place for
that. You could try the Red District in Amsterdam, an experienced
hostess will surely treat you in a way you'll find pleasant.

The issue was between me and Daniel, and has been resolved by my and

I did not talk to you, and I did not offend you, neither on- nor

You on the other hand offended offended me quite severely, on-list.

I expect you to apologize on-list.


Well, then I apologize for having offended you.

And I add that I still stand firm behind every word I said, and I fail to see an offense in any of it.

Issues which you may have with Daniel you can resolve with him. Yet whatever you post to this forum is public, free for everyone to comment on. You are not having a private chat here.


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