Re: [xml] built libxml and libxslt, possible bugs

Tobias Reif wrote:
I did report those issues (all expcept the libz issue) in order to
provide useful feedback, in order to help you improve some spects of
your package. I could as well have given a damn which is what I will
do in the future, since giving feedback to you nearly always turns
into extremely unpleasurable experiences.

The only unpleasant experience I have had here is the taste of my coffee when it gets cold after being unattended for an hour. I would blame you for that if I could, but I must settle with blaming you for the above paragraph.

You have an excellent parser for free, along with the right to do with it what you please forever. You, and everyone else, have a whole lot of support here, so much support, I sometimes wonder how and when Daniel manages to do anything else. Now you want a pleasant expirience? This is a wrong place for that. You could try the Red District in Amsterdam, an experienced hostess will surely treat you in a way you'll find pleasant.

You want to help make a better package? With comments such as you presented, you undid the package. Why develop free software? For the unthankful, who keep demanding more, who keep skinning one alive until there is nothing left and then forget everything? For the deaf, who yell their frustration without ever wanting to hear one's cries?

Libxml is LGPL, but Daniel's mood isn't. With the mood, you have no right to claim the source to be presented, no right to redistribute it. If you want to modify it, then do it for the better, otherwise keep your modifications locally.


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