Re: [xml] built libxml and libxslt, possible bugs

On Tue, 11 Nov 2003, Tobias Reif wrote:

On Tue 2003-11-11 Daniel Veillard wrote:

I recently switched to Linux and I'm still in the process of setting
up my environment. The /etc/xml/catalog that came with SuSE
9.0 Professional is an empty skeleton, I don't know why.

  Well probably because you didn't install the associated packages.
again check with your SuSE support.

I prefer setting up my catalog myself :)
(in this case it simply wasn't clear if the libxml package was missing
files or if it expected to find them here on my box)

In conclusion:

After seeing many warnings, error messages [errors], test result lines
for passed tests ending in "Fail" [testing], etc, it would be great if
there would be one single command or generated file telling whether
the xmllint and xsltproc I built are fully functional or not. Is there
any such command or file? I think one clear line would be useful, so
that I don't have to search through hundreds of lines to find an
issue. The tools did compile, so it wasn't even clear there there is
an issue at all.

That's the thing that configure's meant to detect, surely ? It tailors
itself to your system. If you didn't have ZLib on the system, and it
detected that was the case and turned off the ZLib support in the toolkit
then surely there's nothing wrong with that. If you'd done the *xmllint
-version it would tell you that it wasn't including ZLib. If you didn't
want it auto-configuring, or want to force options, you can always change
the config.h file (as I have to every time). IIRC when you run Configure
it does say that it's not going to use ZLib or something.

However, you said that the tests fail and I'm reasonably sure that all the
tests I run here without ZLib work ok. So maybe I'm just confused.

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