Re: Still need a hint for undecorated windows

Bradley T Hughes wrote:

Sasha Vasko wrote:

Now I do belive that we already have a property allowing applications to
detect if they are decorated or not, which is _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS.

This only happens *after* the client window is managed, though. There is not way to detect at application startup if the window manager supports/allows turning off decorations. So app authors have to decide

Nope, there is a way to get these prior to mapping self :

Its getting kinda silly with all the apps trying to push window managers
around in order to implement some funky ideas of theirs.

I don't see it that way. I see it more as a way of trying to be innovative and polite at the same time. Sure, they could use override-redirect, but then focus handling goes right out the window. But, if they want focus handling, they don't get a clean slate to work on.

Desire by applications to implement window management functionality themself, is no innovation, but arrogance. Window managers are there to provide consistent interface to the user. I personally get irked when I see all the windows look similarly, except for strange hard-to-read darkish stripe that is representing XMMS. Real world example of this would be a car having a joystick instead of a steering weel, and a wierd knob on a dashboard instead of a gas pedal. Let gas pedals be gas pedals and window managers manage windows, and we all will end up in a better world.

Sasha Vasko

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