Re: Still need a hint for undecorated windows

Philipp Lohmann - Sun Germany - ham02 - Hamburg wrote:

that's just me.

Anyway just saying to application developers that they should not implement their "funky ideas" just because it's not a WM developer's "funky idea" is a little - well - arrogant, don't you think ?

Window manager does not implement an idea of its own. it simply provides user with the way to have a consistent interface throughout the desktop. Window management specs never impose limitations on what decorations should be drawn and how. With more then a couple dozen window managers cropped up in the recent years and hundreds of themes available for each of them, user can have the most outlandish interfaces implemented.

But what makes it different from apps doing it on their own is :
1) Consistency - all windows are treated consistently throughtout the desktop, unless user (not an app developer!) desires otherwise. 2) Specialization - By not having to worry about window management interface app developers can avoid certain (rather large at it) amount of work, which they will never be able to do well anyway. ( For example what good is minimize/shade button inside application if window manager arranges windows in tiles or tabs ?).

If you really want to try yourself at window manager's interface design - write a window manager, not an app.

Window manager's don't try to impose ideas about how contents of a window should be rendered, right? So why would an application try to impose its ideas on window manager ?

Just my 2 cents, pl

Sasha Vasko

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