Re: [Usability] Re: [Desktop_architects] Printing dialog and GNOME (Summit mockups)

Michael Sweet wrote:
> OK, I've finally had a chance to put a demo together that shows the
> expandable UI functionality with the print dialog.  The demo is not
> yet fully-functional (i.e. no actual printing, the options are made-
> up), but it does demonstrate the basic idea.
> You can download the source code and see an animated image of the
> dialog at:
> Comments, etc. welcome!


1) I would change the order of summaries from {printer, pages, quality,
copies} to {printer, copies, pages, quality}, since i think 'copies' is
generally more often used than 'pages', and 'quality' would be probably
least used.

2) I don't know if it is a good idea, but i would change 'print to' so that
it contains 2 options:
* printer (expanded when marked just like in your demo shows up)
* print to ps/pdf file (or export to ps/pdf file); this option when set
collapses the list of available printers; '*' is for check box

3) I would rearrange options in 'copies' dialog - look at attachment; in my
opinion 'range' field should be wider so it was able to contain more ranges
(even if this field was able to scroll when one get's to end of field -
i.e. when the beginning of ranges would hide behind left field border)

4) There should be option (in settings ?, another sub menu: preferences ?)
for customizing the behaviour of tabs, say:
tab behaviour: 1)expand on selection (default), all expanded, selection
expanded: {*printer,*copies,*pages,*quality} 2)*collapse tab when another
is selected
then one could set this dialog to keep open only current tab, all tabs open
all the time, some open all the time, some other could stay opened after
picking them, or just collapse when moved to another tab

5) There is no 'pages per sheet' menu (i would place it after 'pages',
before 'quality') as of now.

I know, that this demo is supposed only to show general idea of this
solution, but i just couldn't resist myself commenting on it. I don't know
if any of this suggestions make real sense, so i'm looking forward for your
 opinion on them.
	Finally i must say that i like this idea more every second now. Does it
have a chance to be part of next major gnome release ?

Kind Regards.

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