[Usability] Re: [Desktop_architects] Printing dialog and GNOME

<quote who="Linus Torvalds">

> On Tue, 13 Dec 2005, Till Kamppeter wrote:
> > 
> > Frederic told that the options from the PPD file are intentionally mot
> > listed in the printing dialog, the usability team of GNOME was against
> > listing these options. They clutter the dialog and can be more confusing
> > than useful to the user.
> I personally just encourage people to switch to KDE.
> This "users are idiots, and are confused by functionality" mentality of
> Gnome is a disease. If you think your users are idiots, only idiots will
> use it.

Hi Linus,

That's definitely not a point of view of the GNOME Project - we're focused
on making Free Software appropriate for users who are smart (we don't talk
about 'dumb users'), but just don't care about computing technology. We're
just like every other Free Software project - fixing stuff requires the work
and attention of people who care about the problem at hand. If you want to
chat about what's missing in GNOME sometime, I'm always available and keen
to hear feedback, but I can understand if it's not of interest to you.

Hope to see you again at linux.conf.au. :-)


- Jeff

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