Re: [Usability] Re: [Desktop_architects] Printing dialog and GNOME (Summit mockups)

Tomasz Janowitz wrote:

-> Michael Sweet - very good points!

I would add:

1) The 'current page' option should be there in a print dialog (next
to 'all' ?)


2) The same with print to file.

Actually, I like what KDE does - "Print to File" is just another printer
in the list.

3) Odd/even pages selection should definitely be on print dialog (not
in the settings) - it's just to common option. It should be exposed,
so that user can see what actually is going to be printed. I don't think there is need for "comment" next to this button as it is of
now, since the button is rather self-explanatory. Could also be made

Something like:

Pages: [radio] All Pages      from [start page] to [end page]
       [radio] Odd Pages
       [radio] Even Pages
       [radio] Current Page


4) Maybe the landscape/portrait selection could also be on this
dialog (possibly only with check box - while this may sacrifice some
easy of use, the result would be still visible in 'page preview'

I'm not 100% sure on this.  Some applications maintain a document
page size and orientation, so it makes more sense to default to
that and not bother showing it on the main dialog, but other apps
(web browsers, spreadsheets, etc.) are not normally page-oriented.

I know that i propose to cram many things in one window, which
probably you would like to keep simple, but hiding to many features
in 'preferences' and 'advanced' tabs can also be confusing, since i
have to remember the options i set, when i am back in 'print dialog'
(not that i have difficulties with it :) ).

A possibility (and something I really want to put up for people to
play with) is to use expandable dialogs with summary bars, e.g.:

    > Printer                   (status icon)


    v Printer                   (status icon)
      list of selectable printers


    > Page: Letter, Portrait, 1-Up, 1-Sided


    V Page: Letter, Portrait, 1-Up, 1-Sided
      Size: [size chooser]
      Orientation: [portrait] [landscape]
      Pages per sheet: [1] [2] [4] [6] [9] [16]
      2-sided printing: [duplex chooser]

I'll see if I can put up a demo (FLTK-based... :) that shows how
this would work...

Michael Sweet, Easy Software Products           mike at easysw dot com
Internet Printing and Publishing Software

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