Re: [Usability] Re: [Desktop_architects] Printing dialog and GNOME (Summit mockups)

>> 2) The same with print to file.
> Actually, I like what KDE does - "Print to File" is just another printer
> in the list.


>> 3) Odd/even pages selection should definitely be on print dialog (not
>> in the settings) - it's just to common option. It should be exposed,
>> so that user can see what actually is going to be printed. I don't
>> think there is need for "comment" next to this button as it is of
>> now, since the button is rather self-explanatory. Could also be made
>> narrower.
> Something like:
> Pages: [radio] All Pages      from [start page] to [end page]
>        [radio] Odd Pages
>        [radio] Even Pages
>        [radio] Current Page
> ???

If 'all pages' doesn't imply that there is no selection for 'from [start page] to [end page]', then yes.
In another words : 'all pages' would really mean 'all pages' when the 'from [start page] to [end page]'
check box wasn't checked , and 'all pages from [start page] to [end page] ' if the box was checked.

>> 4) Maybe the landscape/portrait selection could also be on this
>> dialog (possibly only with check box - while this may sacrifice some
>> easy of use, the result would be still visible in 'page preview'
>> window).
> I'm not 100% sure on this.  Some applications maintain a document
> page size and orientation, so it makes more sense to default to
> that and not bother showing it on the main dialog, but other apps
> (web browsers, spreadsheets, etc.) are not normally page-oriented.
>> I know that i propose to cram many things in one window, which
>> probably you would like to keep simple, but hiding to many features
>> in 'preferences' and 'advanced' tabs can also be confusing, since i
>> have to remember the options i set, when i am back in 'print dialog'
>> (not that i have difficulties with it :) ).
> A possibility (and something I really want to put up for people to
> play with) is to use expandable dialogs with summary bars, e.g.:
>     > Printer                   (status icon)
> becomes:
>     v Printer                   (status icon)
>       list of selectable printers
> and:
>     > Page: Letter, Portrait, 1-Up, 1-Sided
> becomes:
>     V Page: Letter, Portrait, 1-Up, 1-Sided
>       Size: [size chooser]
>       Orientation: [portrait] [landscape]
>       Pages per sheet: [1] [2] [4] [6] [9] [16]
>       2-sided printing: [duplex chooser]
> I'll see if I can put up a demo (FLTK-based... :) that shows how
> this would work...

Well that just looks very interesting. It would keep the overall look consistent and clean. One question:
what kind of marking each item in that dialogs would have ? You could always set another dialog for every
item in the main dialog. Or there could be mix of dialogs and check boxes : 'size' -> dialog ,
'orientation' -> check box, 'pages per sheet -> dialog, '2-sided printing' -> check box. Is there any
example of this functionality (i.e. dialog with more options to digest) ?.
	Anyway demo explaining this in greater detail would be most welcome.


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