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On Sat, 2005-12-17 at 17:29 +0200, Kalle Vahlman wrote:
> On 12/17/05, Estradin Solaris <estradin gmail com> wrote:
> > > All the community can do as a group of people is to point out that we
> > > need a change, express what's been wrong and what is the range of
> > > acceptable solutions and let some individual take the lead and make it
> > > so.
> >
> > I can't agree with that. You seem to suggest that ultimately only an
> > individual can take decisions.
> I did say "an individual or a small team" earlier, and meant the same
> here though I failed to mention it implicitly...
> > I believe that a more community driven
> > decision making process can be made: commissions.
> This is basically what I said, a community can't make the decision so
> a self-formed comission is needed to make the decision (sometimes it
> just is a one-member comission).
> > I will use
> > parliaments as an example, and since I am spanish, I will use the
> > parliament of Spain, although most parliaments in contintental Europe
> > work in a similar way. There are 350 members of the parliament. The
> > power ultimately resides in them, but the decision making very rarely
> > lays upon the 350 MPs.
> > Commissions are set up, so small groups can
> > discuss and plan, and then they ask for the assent of the rest of the
> > members. Thus, the decision is taken by all 350 MPs, but only 10 or 12
> > actually worked in the decision.
> Yes, and this is pretty much what I meant. The 350 MPs need to decide
> yes or no, but it needs an individual or a small team to chew out what
> is good.
> > How does this apply to any open-source project, not just Gnome? Well,
> > it's easy. There's a community, made up of users, programmers and
> > 'group-members' such as us. The groups are open, and anyone who wants
> > to become part of one can actually do it. That makes decision making
> > within the groups rather difficult. If 10 members of the group would
> > commit themselves to drafting the proposals, and then submit them to
> > the group for approval, the decision would be legitimate, since it
> > would have been approved by a majority (or a plurality) of group
> > members, while it would be feasible, since the working group would be
> > made up of 10 members. That is a quite workable group.
> This is what happens in GNOME all the time. Someone comes up with
> stuff, plans it (possibly with a bunch of guys), implements it and
> brings it to discussion. If there is a consensus that it is good, it
> gets in after the blessing of the maintainer.
> The problems come when someone thinks about stuff, brings it to
> discussion and everybody just talks about it without implementing
> anything, usually with the excuse of not wanting to do work that might
> be rejected. So there is nothing specific to decide on for the
> community, it is all just chit-chat and a yes/no decision can not be
> made (thus rendering the community unable to decide). After a while
> people get furstrated and blame the project for lacking leadership
> (which is a common feature of OSS communities, not really a bug in
> them).
> So you want something decided, bring something to decide on (in yes/no
> form) to the table.

Great this sound good.

Do you all think that gnome should have labels with out a frame just
letters and an icon?

And do you think that labels should show up in the right top corner of
the desktop?

Do you think that a translucent box/frame would be better then no frame
at all?

And last do you think that the icon should be included in the label? 

Josue Frade
> Simple as that.
> If you start formalizing the process, it loses interest for a lot of
> people, will need workforce to maintain the byrocracy overhead and
> will slow everything down. This is a big broblem in the corporate
> world.
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