Re: [Usability]Attempt at constructive criticism - "Why Gnome 2 sucks for me"

Havoc Pennington wrote:

The thing is, most desktop users will like or be indifferent to all of
those things, with the possible exception of button order. People
don't want to customize things that should just work;

But they do want to customize things which are a matter of taste, not "work" xor "not work". And they want to customize things for which an agreement cannot be made about what does work and what doesn't.

they don't know
what a window manager or registry is and would be angry if you made
them learn; they like OS X's appearance.
That's why in M$'s software you have plenty of places that say "Advanced settings". The people you talk about, casual users, just see the words "Advanced" on a tab in a dialog box and think to themselves "ok, I'm not advanced, no need to look there and get confused. I'll just ignore that tab.". And everybody is happy - power users can tweak those things that bother them, casual users just ignore all things that have the word "Advanced" painted on them.

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