Re: [Usability]Attempt at constructive criticism - "Why Gnome 2 sucks for me"

On Thu, 2002-08-29 at 03:20, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> The thing is, most desktop users will like or be indifferent to all of
> those things, with the possible exception of button order. People
> don't want to customize things that should just work; they don't know
> what a window manager or registry is and would be angry if you made
> them learn; they like OS X's appearance.

how do you know ?

- i see people every day asking how they can change things.
- i see a couple of people asking howto change the windowmanager from
  sawfish to something else... even FAQ's are written that cover this

is gnome the wrong target for them ?

sorry that you reduce people to brainless idiots. i personally respect
people. that is what makes us different. although i see advantages
hiding some preferences. but that what happened to gnome 2 is plain
idiotic. your assumptions are wrong and probably are based on some
outdated 10 people tests made by some company. here a little true story
as in real world. a friend of mine who never dealt with computers,
bought one not long ago. when he started he didn't knew anything about
it and i needed to help him setting up the machine. it didn't took 2
months and he know howto use the system perfectly including customizing
it. same for my sister. she has her own computer (first she run kde on
it and now she is using windows 2000 on it) she probably turns the
machine on 2-3 times per month because her interests are different than
mine. but she figured out howto change background and doing things like
writing documentations with word etc. and this with a system where you
would bash at and say things like 'windows is to overhelming' or
'windows is wrong' not to mention that they are doing these tests with
people too.. probably they use 1000 and more people every year for such
tests. can't be that wrong if you compare the popularity of that system.

> But if you aren't in the group that likes this direction, or can't
> tolerate changes and experiments as we try to figure out the best
> solution to a given problem, maybe GNOME isn't what you want - that's
> why there's a choice of desktops.

i see you understand to hit people the same way. unfortunately i think
you need to live a bit longer with me and i also think you need to eat a
couple more of my constructive critics. look can't you simply accept
that i am worried about what happened to gnome ? what is so hard to
understand ? the only desktop that was meant to be cool, that was named
to be userfriendly, configurable, fast, themable, practical, cool
integrated into the unix system - got totally destroyed... is it to hard
to take this comment as is from me ?

allow me one sentence to the so called 'real desktop users' you
mentioned in the previous reply to me. don't you think that choosing
unix for this kind of task is simply stupid ? not to mention 'unix' as
if this doesn't ring a bell of complexity itself. it's like trying to
tie an egg together with the hen. wouldn't it be easier to accept things
as they are ? simply the fact that we are dealing with an higly complex
unix like system knowing the fact that people who switches to it want to
learn more about it.

now you tried the 3rd time (over our short conversations we had) to turn
me away from gnome by telling me to choose something else. as if there
are big alternatives on a unix system besides gnome and kde. i
personally thank god to have my own opinion.

by the way i think this is a quite good user feedback. it sound not like
the normal expected cock choking one. these are my true words how i
think about the situation. without turning my mind everytime i get
attacked by 3-4 persons. if you can't deal with these kind of feedback
then you probably choose the wrong job.

final sentence. i would be thankfull if we can reduce this conversation
to the button ordering stuff again. this is at least what bothers me
most. the other stuff i can easily deal with and don't have much
problems with anymore.

thank you for reading.

Name....: Ali Akcaagac
Status..: Student Of Computer & Economic Science
E-Mail..: mailto:ali akcaagac stud fh-wilhelmshaven de

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