Re: Sawfish v1.3.3 not working properly with ISO-8859 locale

Timo Korvola <Timo.Korvola <at>> writes:

> Thierry Godefroy <reserv0 <at>> writes:
> > was forcing the use of antialiased fonts): the antialiased fonts are
> > simply much less well rendered
> There is the problem that processing Truetype rendering hints is
> patented.  But the Freetype autohinter has been improving, and it also
> applies to Type 1 fonts.

No such problem here: using the PLF version of freetype2, with the patented
renderer compiled in... But even with it (and there is indeed a big difference),
the antialiased fonts are still much worst than the bitmap fonts.

And there is still the issue of the useless processing power the antialiased
fonts eat up when you do -not- need antialiasing at all for such things as a UI
where only one small size of font is needed ! Antialiasing is only interesting
for very large sizes of fonts, when pixelisation becomes ugly ("staircased").

> > In fact, I won't mind seeing Pango support dropped from sawfish in
> > favour of the X-core fonts... ;-P
> In effect, the opposite has happened.

Which is -very- unfortunate IMHO...

> Someone who still uses the core X fonts could of course try to fix it.

Sorry, too busy with other developments to try and fix it myself...


Thierry Godefroy.

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