Re: Sawfish v1.3.3 not working properly with ISO-8859 locale

* Thierry Godefroy <reserv0 yahoo com>:

| In fact, I won't mind seeing Pango support dropped from sawfish in favour of the
| X-core fonts... ;-P

I'm with you. ;-)

But, since the whole new chilly willy stuff have a nice dependency, at
the very beginning of the line you will find fontconfig, that can be
controlled like this:

Without reading too much, edit your fonts.conf, or better put a
local.conf in the $prefix/etc/fonts/ directory with the content below:

<!-- Uncomment below to disable antialiasing -->
  <match target="font">
    <edit name="antialias" mode="assign" >

Switching from gtk1 to gtk2 ate several weeks of testing and
configuring time to get back my old "gtk1 times of feeling".

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